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I hope my website is an interesting read, or if you don't want to read it's picture heavy - 10660 so far + 29 video's.

Many projects are quite in depth and are normally set to teach myself something new. The genre being mechanical, electronic or electromechanical and can range from engines, engine management, air rifles, electronics, nuclear fusion, and many more. If you're looking for recent developments then click on the timeline link for my latest completed project or a quick rundown of this sites content.


News !

There are lots of updates and projects I will be starting soon, I am also starting a business to support them! Here are a just a few;

Testing 3D printed gears to 125,000 rpm, a Youtube project.

Big Bore Turbo Wankel - 1.574L displacement compared to the 650cc RX7 / RX8. Maybe I'll go even bigger, it will be a single rotor.

Billet every day car, apart from shell. Engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, everything !

Oh, and a 24 Rotor Wankel Engine, both a 3D printed one and a combustion engine.

110cc Nitro Turbo Single Rotor Wankel

Modify a generator engine to make power, showing each step.

The nuclear fusor.


Here are links to these current projects.

Testing 3D Printed Gears to Destruction

4 Rotor Air Powered Wankel Rotary Engine

24 Rotor Gasoline Wankel Rotary Engine

Building a Performance Generator Engine

100% Billet Hyundai Accent

The Grappling Gun Project







I live in Canada,

(Update - 30 March 2022) - I started my own business as I feel this is the only way I can live a potentially prosperous life, I also have several products I want to work on and I needed a workshop to do that. It took me a bit of time to setup and all of my savings but the work is starting to come in. There is a direction where I want to go with the company, but that requires me to build something first, once going with that I should have plenty of time and hopefully money to pursue more of these projects.

I've also had quite a number of people contact me this year in regards to prototypes. A lot of them don't get any further than the talking stage since R&D or "inventing" requires a lot of time, and potentially money. The majority of people require me to sign an NDA so I wont steal their information for myself. A company reached out to me to work on a grappling gun, which you can read the details in that project. I will start to work on the rest of my projects again soon, but I simply don't have the money.


(Update - 31 October 2021) - I am now just one month away from opening my own shop. A lot has happened since I last updated, but now I have 2 industrial CNC milling machines, one industrial CNC lathe, a large manual lathe and my hobby CNC lathe. I have my machining business, my own product and a potential investors product to work on. I am so excited to get started as these will pay the bills and some of the extra will go to finishing some projects.


(Update - 10 August 2021) - All of the workshop has gone into a storage unit, certainly not what I wanted since I cannot use it. I was supposed to be in a long-term rental agreement for my home, but the landlord chose to change their mind. All I can say is that it has been a very stressful few months trying to find a sublease, with no luck and someone letting me down at the last minute.

I'm currently in the early planning stage of starting a small machine shop. I also have a couple of product ideas to work on before I sign a lease. One of my products is 90% complete, I now need to revise all of my documentation and have a full set of blueprints and a manufacturing guide. The other two ideas I'm going to present on Kickstarter, I'm going to spend the next few months working on a basic prototype and have something to present. I want to work on these ideas before the machine shop as working on a single product I'm familiar with is just a better choice.

On a side note I can still work on my Youtube channel with testing the 3D printed gears, I got all the machining done before.


(Update - 08 May 2021) - Time just seems to be flying by. I keep making progress on the press but have been held up a lot with the electronics, not so much the press itself but the measurement part. I chose to get circuit boards made which took a while and then I had to make another revision on the load cell measurement board in order to improve accuracy. I have been making some progress on the final revision for the press and almost have all my manufacturing jigs complete. My CNC lathe conversion has held me up quite a lot, in the end I had to buy a completely different controller to get it to thread properly.

I have also started a Youtube channel with the intention of giving it a shot as a career, more so it could allow me to do some cool stuff with the right income from it. The biggest thing is to make every single bit of my car from raw billet, eventually getting to the point where I convert it to AWD, billet the engine and transmission, sequential of course. I will aim for 1000BHP, which is definitely possible. I have an idea for the head which uses two cams for each row of valves, plus some pretty crazy ideas on that, I hope to rev it to 15,000rpm, which is how I'll make the big power. I have also designed a single cylinder turbo engine I want to try that technology on, but money is the factor now.


(Update - 02 March 2021) - I have not updated this site in such a long time, I have been occupied with the hydraulic press project. There is a lot I have to type up, but the biggest news is that I left my job.


(Update - 25 October 2020) - I'm slowly cutting down the number of projects I have. The CNC milling machine is almost complete, the spindle only has two speeds so that is the only thing to finish, otherwise it works. I did some commission work so the money from that has been invested in learning programming and the hydraulic forging press. I am really enjoying designing and making some fixtures for building the press, as if I was to manufacture it. I really am going to pursue the idea of this as a product and the mill will solely be dedicated to only that. If I sold one a month then I would truly be happy, if it all goes wrong then I will sell the mill and recooperate some of the money. I have no intention of working for myself, but the extra income would be really nice, at most I really don't want to make more than one per week.

In general I'm really happy where I'm at, looks like work is getting too busy to stay on workshare, so going back to full time will be great financially. The only projects I will be focusing on other than the press is anything programming related. I have spent quite a bit of money investing in learning C programming for both PIC microcontrollers and the ARM Cortex M4 series. There are of course a couple of other projects to finish off, but I have no funds for those at the current time. I do get asked a lot of questions about the fusor, or more so when it will be complete. Check out the project, I have given another update.


(Update - 08 August 2020) - I swapped over the Tiburon engine to a stock one to find a crack in the block, I took a loss and scrapped the car. However I justified that loss because I was given a broken milling machine at work, well so I thought so, I scrapped the car in haste to make room for the milling machine. I spent a number of days breaking down the machine because it was simply too expensive to have it moved. I rented a truck ready for moving five sections of the machine, this things weighs about 3000lbs. After spending all this time and buying some parts for the machine my boss decided to charge me 10 days of pay, not in money, but working an extra 10 days of labour, hurray!

I also recently found out that a seal I designed for a customer worked better than expected. Unfortunatley again my boss kept all this a secret from me, I coincidently found out from the customer themselves. I am not a qualified engineer and design parts out of my job description, while this has made us a huge amount of money and gained a large number of customers, not once have I been given commision or even a simple thanks for the good work. I've been trying to keep my head down for a while until I've saved enough to go back to school, but these people make it tough.

The hydraulic press is almost complete, I am really happy with how the unit looks. It is the second revision, this time all completely sealed with every single edge welded. This adds a lot of time and makes a lot of mess blending the edges back with the grinder. If I do manage to sell them then the third revision will have tack welds on the inside and a rivetted on edge / frame on the outside. It will technically cost a little more, but it will save mess and stop warping.

Lastly I am slowly rebuilding the mill I was cheated on, it has been quite the process, but it will be well worth the effort.


(Update - 23 June 2020) - Over the past few months I have been working on a precision hydraulic press. It was originally intended for forging steel, something I really want to have a try at. I realised this press can be used for a lot more than I originally intended. I have almost completed the final design on paper and will be working on building the final unit. I hope to have it complete in about a months time, then I can have some fun and maybe, just maybe there will be some interest in it.

I chose to sell my Hyundai Tiburon Turbo, or rather, try to sell it. Since the car is highly modified it only directs to a certain audience making it very difficult to sell. I made the decision to swap the engine with another I rebuilt for a project. I will spend the next week, or two, putting the car completely back to stock. I broke down the tuned engine and will sell it off as spares. I will create one last project for the Tiburon showing the stock car, but also the wear on the modified engine, and why it's a bad idea for a daily driver.

I have designed a tool changing system for my CNC engraving mill, that is third on my list. I also believe there is great potential for this project as there are no reasonably priced circuit board mills with a tool changer. There is a lot of work and prototyping to do, but it should be one of the fastest machines around. I am really excited for what may come after these projects as I want to build a small workshop, and part of that may be a broken CNC mill to fix, that is a big hope. If I can work on my projects at home I can reduce my list, and with that make faster progress. If I cannot get the CNC mill then I certainly will not invest in a workshop, it will simply be too expensive, I will then concentrate on saving for further education.


(Update - 29 - March 2020) - I have finally got the engine simulation project to a point where it does something and tested out the circuit board for the crank postion sensor, it works perfectly. Over the next week I'm writing the program for the main control module, this will calculate RPM, output the crank increment in degrees and be the main brain for all of the other module. The test engine has oil in it and will turn over on a starter motor, if I can get the ignition module to communicate with the main control module then I should be able to do a test fire of ether. As for the turbo tib, it runs great and pulls hard. If I do put the second engine into it then it may become worthless, not a good idea when a career change is coming up in a few years, and that I could be moving province.

I've not had the chance to do any more on the research project, that's because the lathe at work has been just so tied up lately. As for the fusion project, that is a huge money pit that I will finish one day, there is such a lot of work in that project. I also have a few industrial drives and electronics I need to go through, I'm just too curious in how things work.

I have started to plan out a forge press that I'm hoping to make out of old parts. Not only is this something I have always wanted to take a shot at, but I believe there is a large hole in the amateur market. I'm not going too far into details yet as it's all in the design stage, but I can't wait to make a prototype. It would be a dream to make money on these machines and not worry about my financials through school. On the plus side I have made some extra money fixing equipment lately. I make the goal of splitting all I spend, with at least 50% or more going into my education fund and the rest into my projects.


(Update - 10 - January 2020) - I have been working on the second engine for the Tiburon, again not sure what I'll do with it, but I can make it legal, it is down to the insurer. I want to develop the engine on a test stand so that I can test out my modular ECU system. The mechanics of the engine are nearing completion, just the cooling, fueling and electronics to do now. I also want to work on the pneumatic system that shifts the gears, I'll probably prototype it through 3D printing.

I will say that while I have lots of projects and ideas, I am starting to narrow them down as I simply cannot afford to spend. The main focus will definately be that of my engine and control system, most of it will depend on my software programming skills. I never feel like I have the time to work on the nuclear fusor, it has generally lost my interest, but I do intend on finishing it. I do have a lot of random electronic projects to work on, mainly fixing broken items and logging them. Apart from all of this I have started to learn C programming.


(Update - 07 October 2019) - I have a lot of open ended projects which are nearing completion, again time is an issue. I have decided that I will list all of my current projects on the home page in an order that I believe I will complete them. There is quite a bit of updating to do on this site since I have some new equipment and methods.


(Update - 22 September 2019) - I seem to have so little time to get these projects done, or rather I have too many projects. I have decided that putting a second engine in the Tiburon is just a bad idea, for one it's not legal and I don't want the car confiscated. The tiburon is running excellent and has a good tune on it, I have definitely maxed out the turbo. I will be taking the car off the road for the winter meaning I will finish everything off at a later date, basically to make sure there is no rust or it's painted underneath. I do have a second engine with transmission, I just can't afford to spend money on it right now. The intention is to make a running stand for both engine and transmission so I can develop my ECU. The ECU and test stand will also be put on hold for now, that is a project for the winter.

The main project at the moment will be the nuclear fusor, there is still a huge amount of work in it. I will get the front control panel working first along with the program cycling. I will then get all of the mechanical stuff done next such as valves, the grids and the inspection port. The turbo pump either requires Profibus software or me hacking into it, not sure what to do as of yet. That leaves just the power supply, the deuterium gas and some scintilation material. I would love to get this all done by the end of the year but the power supply is going to be very time consuming to design and build. The higher the voltage I can achieve the faster I can produce neutrons, I'm aiming for at least 40kV. The high voltage capacitors are just so expensive.

On a side I'll be repairing electronic items, this is going to be a very time consuming project. The idea is to ask around the city for broken industrial electromechanical items and then fix them. I want to build up this part of the website more since this is ultimately what I'll likely do for a career. I will be investing in a lot of tooling for this venture, one of those is a desoldering station. I already have quite a number I'm working on, I just need to get it all organised.


(Update - 02 September 2019) - The tiburon is now running with a standalone ECU, it runs great. I will type up the project in the next week. I'm putting the modular ECU on hold just because I need to get the engine simulator project up and running. The simulator requires the servo controller to be re-made, I ran it too hard. I have started the nuclear fusor again, this is probably going to be my main focus. Not sure when I'll ever get the grappling gun done, it's been boxed up for so long.


(Update - 10 April 2019) - There wil be a lot of content I'll be uploading over the next week. I have not updated this website for quite a while since I've been so busy. There has been a lot of interest outside, people wanting to see pictures of what I'm working on and the progress of my turbo tiburon build. I only ever intended this site as an extension to my resume, since I have not needed to look for work I have not needed to keep this up to date.


(Update - 26 December 2018) - I finally got my permanent residence for Canada which meant that I could go back to work and earn a living again. I got quite a bit done on the Turbo Tiburon project while I was off but unfortunately I had to be very careful of what I spent. The main project at the moment is my modular ECU, it will take quite a while to get this perfected.



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