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I hope my website is an interesting read, or if you don't want to read it's picture heavy - 4988 so far + 25 video's.

Many projects are quite in depth and are normally set to teach myself something new. The genre being mechanical, electronic or electromechanical and can range from engines, engine management, air rifles, electronics, nuclear fusion, and many more. If you're looking for recent developments then click on the timeline link for my current project or a quick rundown of this sites content.




I live in Canada for now,

(Update - 18 July 2018) - Thought it was time I made another update since little progress has been done on this site. The turbo is working ok on the car, I haven't done a great deal on it since I don't have to use my car. The problem is that the stock ECU keeps pulling timing to avoid knock, I think it's time I start my own ECU again. The nuclear fusor is getting closer to completion, once I get some parts from China the control electronics will be complete. Here is a list of what I will complete in order.

Nuclear Fusor - Control electronics, valve work. Grid electrodes. High voltage supply.

SD Card Programmer - Circuit board is complete, needs programming.

Car ECU - Modular System.

Mo-cap - Yep, motion capture for animation.

(Update - 18 May 2018) - I'm unemployed ! My work Visa expired and my application for Canada has not yet been approved, I did get accepted to stay for another 6 months, I just can't work. I have been a busy bee!, got lots done. I started work on another nuclear fusor as I got a steal of a bargin. I also got the turbo working and tuned on my car, just got to write it up. Starting to design the power supply for the fusor, thinking around 60kV at 500W. Designing a capacitor rolling machine, I have a method to make high voltage, ultra low inductance and esr pulse capacitors, soon. Lots of electronic stuff to do too. Times are busy, just can't spend any money. Donate, please !

(Update - 30th March 2018) - I have had a very busy year so far, I have also got my health back and now I'm ultra productive. I have so far got the turbo installed on my car and very soon plan on making a fuel controller to get it tuned. I have also got many new projects completed at both work and at home, I'm really making use of the CNC and getting this site to where I want it. My work Visa will expire soon, it partly depends on my employer for if my extensions goes through in time, otherwise I will stay as a visitor while I use other means to get permanent residency. Life is good, I just don't have enough time.

(Update - 5th November 2017) - I have done little since my last update, the supercharger project is pretty much done, I now have to make some video's which is what I have spent most of my time playing around with. Once I have got these video's out of the way I can put the ESC into my grappling gun and get a video of that working, I can then work on the grapple system. I'm now going to devote most of my time to my ECU project, I need to finish it and the turbo project on my car, my stay in Canada is not certain so this must be completed before summer next year. I have time for other electronics at a later data since I can work on that wherever I end up.

(Update - 3rd October 2017) - I have a small amount of time off work soon so I should be able to blast through some of my projects. Just recently I started the grappling gun project again, I have fixed the rope feed issue so I now need to buy the batteries and work out the gun part. On a side note these batteries will also be used to test my supercharger project, something I really want to complete. I also have the parts to make my ECU system, I just need to spend some time designing a circuit board, not sure whether to have one made or not. There are a fair few other projects too that I haven't really started.

(Update - 23th July 2017) - I've been working on a lot of projects but I haven't uploaded anything in a while, life is really getting in the way at the moment. Quite a few of my projects are in the prototype stages / or have been for quite a while now, I seem to have forgotten that I originally started this website as a project log and quite a lot of my recent pages have not been, so I'm going back to the roots because I have a hell of a lot of images and data to upload. I started a car computer, electric supercharger, airsoft gun, chronograph, car fuel ecu, lots of 3D printing, linear accelerator and much more. A lot of this website will be under construction because I literally have around 15 pages to add and write up, most of them will still be incomplete.

(Update - 29th May 2017) - Time seems to be always getting the best of me, I have my final mathematics exam coming up in a week and thereafter I can concentrate on more projects. I have a few automotive ones to type up, like I've almost done the computer display system for my car ECU and I've converted my car from automatic to manual transmission. I only have a couple more microcontroller projects to finish before I will start my 50kV 500W power supply, I'm probably going to make two versions. Soon I will make a list of my top 10 projects and try to follow them in that order.

(Update - 05th March 2017) - So over the past week I have managed to get a full time job over here in Canada, it's mostly what I used to do in the UK but a much better place to work for. I chose to buy a Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D printer which is basically the same as one of the market leading Zortrax M200's. I have started to add a text description to all my web images, well I have 2800 to go through. I have so many projects to get through, I cannot wait until my studying is done for the year.



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Note for self: Pages to write up / complete. (This is a list of projects I have yet to write up, why is it here?, it's easy to find.

50kVSMPS - what it says, now 60kV

FueltunerVer1 - Almost Done

Grapple4 - Grappling gun page 4

Igbtdesat3 - Second method at better IGBT drive and protection.

Inductors - Some theory and construction

Skills - I really need to update this.

TiburonProj5 - ECU User Interface page 2

Linear accelerator