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I finally bought my dream bike (as of 2015), a Honda Fury VT1300CX. I really wanted a chopper and this one is completely standard, apart from the pipes. I wanted one last treat before I quit my job, so I would only be keeping it for four months.


2012 Blue Honda Fury VT1300CX























Below is my first true bike, a Honda Hornet 600. I bought back in 2010, it was first just a commuter, then something to play with, I rebuilt the engine and restored it on a couple of occasions. It was converted from carb to injection, then put back to standard, resprayed once again and sold as I left to live in Canada (2016). Link - Hornet


Black and Yellow Honda Hornet 600



Back in 2012 I bought another bike brand new, a Kawasaki VN900. Unfortunately I only kept it around six months and sold the bike because I was going to hand in my notice at work and needed fewer commitments.


2012 Orange Kawasaki VN900 Vulcan



For a little bit of fun I bought a FZR600 (model before the thundercat). I was going to use it for a cheap wheelie bike, but it seemed that sometimes a bargain is too good to be true. I bought the bike from a shop, the clutch went almost straight away, turned out the clutch basket was in two pieces and had been botched together.


Yamaha FZR600



I have had a couple of other bikes, but had them for such a short time, I never took any photographs.