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I update this page as my life goes on, the most present is at the bottom of the page.


Up to 2012 - Before I chose to create this website. From about the age of six I always had an interest in how things worked, literally everything I could get my hands on was taken apart. I think by the age of twelve I had been through every single household appliance and tinkered with small engines. By the age of 13 me and my father had built an off-road buggy with a motorcycle engine, it was a lot of fun, sequential gearbox and a solid rear axle made it great to drift.

At the age of about fourteen I discovered capacitors, I did everything I could to get my hands on them. Most of the projects around that time were small coilguns and railguns. I managed to get hold of about 400, 63V, 4700uf capacitors and strung them all together to make a 120V 3kJ capacitor bank, something everyone my age is building, ok maybe not.

At fifteen I managed to get a small lathe, it was about 100 years old and almost useless, but it was great at the time. I saw on tv people making bottle rockets and potato cannons, so I built them. My potato cannon, made from copper tube used a 2L coke bottle at 200psi to fire fruit, bolts, batteries, anything, TV is such a bad influence. I got really interested in electrolysis, it used to take me about six hours to fill a 1L bottle, I then placed the bottle in a bucket of water with a thin wire leading into the bottle which allowed me to remotely launch the bottle, or it exploded. I contacted a stainless stockist (I lived in Sheffield - Steel City) and they gave me a 8ft by 4ft sheet for free. I built an electrolyser that plugged into the mains, it produced 20L per minute and was the largest on youtube at it's time. Launching hydrogen rockets got boring and I managed to sell the thing. My next project was a foundry, I built one from a gas bottle and foundry cement, It melted aluminium which was cast as bars to use in my lathe. I kept the foundry right up until 2016.

I then got an interest in building my own bb gun, combining the coilgun project with this one I managed to design a new type of valve. The bb gun would fire the pellets at around 900fps which was three times that of what you could buy in shops, the bb's used to go through 1/4" plywood. At school I chose electronics as a subject, I had done a lot of things with logic chips and previously bought a microcontroller programmer, it was totally over my head at the time. We started programming chips using a flow-diagram based software, it was great, I then learnt a basic language over a week and had competed my final project on breadboard before we were asked to think of a design (My GCSE project). I seemed to do so much that year.

At sixteen it was time to go to college, I chose an electronic and electrical engineering diploma. The final years project was a solution to a problem, I enjoyed machining so I thought of retrofitting a lathe to CNC, I had designed and drawn up the plans before we had to choose the project. I came into a great deal of luck and ended up upgrading an existing CNC lathe. I really had a lot going on in my life at that time and it's something I do not wish to discuss further. I still managed to blitz my college course and achieved two awards in the process.

At eighteen, sort of by luck, a man noticed a lathe in my garage and offered me a job to work as a CNC machinist. I truly hated it at first, commuting on a motorcycle every day of the year was not fun, plus what was going on in my personal life and the type of atmosphere at my workplace really made this one really unpleasant part of my life. Why did I stay? Things can get better if you persevere, which they did to an extent. One reason to make me stay was that I was promised my university tuition, nearly £10,000 a year paid for, why not. Well this got postponed that year, and you can guess as you read further on this page that nothing came of it.


2012 - 2015 - I use a pseudonym - Edward, which I prefer. I started writing this website at the age of 19. After having some pretty bad luck over the past few years things started to look up, I had a stable job for four and a half years and managed to build the workshop I wanted for so many years. I originally set this website up with the intention of making and selling air rifles and up until the end of 2015 the website was still called prometheanrifles. It turned out that this website sort of became like a project log of my projects and electromechanical interests. I also started uploading some of my personal documents and created a calculators page just so that when I'm out and about I can access the information I need to without having to trawl through a text book.

I had always had an interest in electromechanical engineering and originally chose to pursue electrical engineering, firstly achieving 16/17 distinctions in my college diploma while being awarded student of the year and student of excellence the following year by IET (The Institute of Engineering and Technology). Circumstances were not right at the time and I had to work instead of going to university, although I certainly do not regret doing so, it has taught me so much. My job was manufacturing seals on a CNC lathe through programming the machine myself. I was considered the most proficient machinist and was given the task of training apprentices, making tools, fixing machines both mechanically and electrically, providing demonstrations to customers and so much more, yes I had to do all this while running a machine that required constant vigilance and monitoring.

My wage had peaked and working a compulsory 60 hours a week there was little time for play. I felt like I was not moving in any direction with my life, sure at the age off 22 and drawing £2000 a month after tax was quite a substantial wage. I wasn't prepared to accept my working life especially with all the silly little daily drama's that went along with it, I do not wish to talk bad of my last place of work, and I won't, but communication certainly could have been better managed. I would have no objection to this type of work again, but my experience has taught me life needs a balance. I had to play it smart so while I was earning money I bought many of the things I always wanted in 2015.

I bought a Weihrauch KT100 Laminate and a Hawke side winder scope first. I joined the local shooting range and after my first session I was placed 6th in the leaderboards at 25 yard and 5th at 32 yard. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet and after my fourth sessions was placed second in the 25 yard and first in the 32 yard surpassing the competition rifles. I loved target shooting but set myself deadlines of the things I could have, so I sold it and bought my dream bike, a Honda Fury Chopper. I kept this bike for three months and sold it for my next ambition. I chose to do a road trip driving though the major cities in Italy, drove a 458 Ferrari through Modena, got a tour through Lamborghini factory, private tour around Maserati's private collection, private invitation to Pagani and met Horacio Pagani, I managed to take 1300 photo's in just one week.

I had done just a handful of my ambitions, but grateful I had done some of them as I knew it could be a while before I was earning this money again. I chose to save up some money, yes surprisingly after all of this, terminated my employment and then concentrated on my projects and the start to a new direction in life.



2016 - A start to a new life, I applied for a Canada work Visa. I knew an approximate time scale of the events that were set in motion, giving me up until the end of April to complete all of my projects and sell everything I own. My nuclear fusion project was the first to go, I was so close but I had to accept that I couldn't pump any more money into the project as I thought that I needed a more powerful pump, turns out the day I packaged it to be couriered was the day I realised that I could have in fact achieved fusion. Selling on an internet auction site attracted some attention and I even got a Cambridge researcher share his research with me, only to have shared it with 6 others, I admit the content was surprising, I swore confidentiality so cannot comment further, although nothing malice in content. Luckily I managed to sell the fusor, exploding wire and some other parts in one bundle. I was gutted to sell them for such a small price (£550), even more gutted to know the buyer would have offered me future work but also grateful someone would make use of it.

I chose to change the name of my website in March as the original name may have been misleading and possibly averted people from viewing it, originally prometheanrifles. I then rushed to get through my projects as the workshop was the next lot to sell, consequently I started to panic so I ceased all projects and proceeded with selling everything. Personally a really difficult sale, but needs must. 8 weeks before departure I had a full workshop, 7 weeks before departure I had sold almost all my workshop, well no need to panic, it sold really fast. In the end I had no problem selling everything, I planned a minimum, middle ground and maximum amount that I would expect to receive for the lot, I infact added an extra 10% to the projected maximum.

So yeah I'm currently living in Canada, I should now get the time to continue with my electronic projects.

The plan over here in Canada is to treat the first six months as a vacation, get my workshop running, get a car and generally just get used to the area. To stay here I must have been working for at least one year with a total of 1000 hours, the job must be in a specific professional field, such as "electronic technician" or in manufacturing. So long I can get something like this part-time I will be happy, I can build up my experience in the role, if I can get full-time, even better.


2017 - At the start of the year I decided to apply for a job in the field I worked previously, employment was difficult so I thought it would be an easy way into work. It was, I got the job within a week of an interview, the job was not advertised, I just approached with my expertise and hoped for the best. The job is ok, of course it's not what I intend to do ultimately but it's a stepping stone, I certainly wouldn't mind working there a few years, but, it all depends, I can't deal with stress anymore due to my deteriorating health, which concerns me if I can't get it fixed. I never liked to mention my health before on this website because I intended to use this site to help me get employment, I do however look pretty Ill most of the time so it's difficult to hide, I hope this is just a hurdle in my life, once I'm fixed I can finally start a career in the path I enjoy. The fact is that my health affects me in certain ways, stress severely intensifies the symptoms, the reason my last job almost got me to the stage where I couldn't physically and mentally function anymore.

Academically I've always been an achiever, I'm sure those who read my projects may have expected me to be a little further on the career ladder, unfortunately the way I currently am affects my cognitive ability too, not always, but I cannot predict my good days, hence why I'm just a machinist and not an engineer or scientist. I have managed to do a good job at hiding my issue, to most I appear to get on with my working and social life with no issue, on the outside, the fact is I'm burning out, I always feel extremely nauseous, de-personalised, I'm in constant pain and very under weight. I do have good days, these I can build my strength back and work on my projects, the reason progress is sometimes slow. I've always been referred to as a hard worker delivering quality work, what could I be like if I could run at 100%, I guess time will tell.

I have managed to get through quite a number of projects this year, of course I cannot spend too much on them as I need to save. I have no idea yet whether I will be accepted into Canada as a resident, if not my back up is to study as an Aviation Electronic Technician, it is also my ultimate plan, health dependent. If I can't stay then I should hopefully have enough money saved to start again in the UK, I wouldn't be tied anywhere so I could move anywhere in the country to find the job that suits me the best.


2018 - What can I say, later last year and earlier this year I got my health back, I feel great and now I can start enjoying the things I used to do. It's amazing how much I detested work before but now the days fly, what has changed, I'm not I'll at work anymore. It has also been a great start to the year at work because we chose to go down a different business route which has allowed me to rattle through some CNC machining and welding projects, I'm having fun.

Mid way through the year I just gained the experience in Canada in order to put in an application to stay, long story short I was Ill advised by my lawyers. So as of May my work Visa expired and I had to stay as a visitor, oh good bye savings. It is not all that bad since it gave me a lot of time to finish projects and also work on a larger project for my car. Even though I'm unable to work I'm really enjoying myself, sure it does get a little boring but I feel good. This time a year ago was the worst health I've ever had, 105 lbs, I am now 145 lbs which is literally perfect for my height.

I am currently working on a modular engine control system, firstly though I must ensure my engine is strong.


There's a fine line between genius and madness.