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I hope my website is an interesting read, or if you don't want to read it's picture heavy - 5354 so far + 25 video's.

Many projects are quite in depth and are normally set to teach myself something new. The genre being mechanical, electronic or electromechanical and can range from engines, engine management, air rifles, electronics, nuclear fusion, and many more. If you're looking for recent developments then click on the timeline link for my latested completed project or a quick rundown of this sites content. Alternatively here are my current projects;


Engine Simulator - Link

Modular ECU - Link

Billet rods and Pistons - Link

Dual Injector Spacer Ver 2 - Link

Servo Transmission Shifter + dog gears.

Nuclear Fusor Ver 2 - Link

Grappling Gun (I know very old project) - Link


(Give me a couple of days, lots of typing before I link the pages)




I live in Canada for now,

(Update - 10 April 2019) - There wil be a lot of content I'll be uploading over the next week. I have not updated this website for quite a while since I've been so busy. There has been a lot of interest outside, people wanting to see pictures of what I'm working on and the progress of my turbo tiburon build. I only ever intended this site as an extension to my resume, since I have not needed to look for work I have not needed to keep this up to date.


(Update - 26 December 2018) - I finally got my permanent residence for Canada which meant that I could go back to work and earn a living again. I got quite a bit done on the Turbo Tiburon project while I was off but unfortunately I had to be very careful of what I spent. The main project at the moment is my modular ECU, it will take quite a while to get this perfected.


There are a couple of projects that I have in progress and there are many more that I would like to start. For now there is;

Modular ECU - This is my own modular ECU system that will be able to control any engine through the versatility and range of modules available. The tuning will be done via a hand-held touch screen display, this means that no computer will be needed. I don't think I will ever intend on selling these units but keeping this type of package means I'll never have the software issues of a computer, it will never need updating and will always perform it's intended task. I will also be building an engine simulation module which will immitate all of the sensors, just so I don't ruin my engine.

Nuclear Fusor - I started this in the summer, the main thing to complete is the power supply, again money. I got a turbomolecular pump for the fusor but will need to be able to vary the speed in order to get a constant vacuum pressure. The protocol for the drive is Profibus which I have no experience in. I can either find a piece of hardware such as a PLC or try to modify the drive, that is a last resort though. I made quite a start with the control electronics too, I halted due to the pump drive. I have contacted a supplier of a Profibus simulator to see if I can buy one, I can then intercept the signals and mimic them for my own needs.

Turbo Tiburon - The turbo conversion was very successful, the only issue now is the tuning. It may be a number of months before I do any more updates on the project since I need to build my modular ECU system first. The purpose of building the engine for this car was so that it could handle power and possible tuning mistakes if I make any.


There are of course many more projects I would like to start but I need to get the above list complete first. Here are a couple I really really want to do.

Twin engine or drift car - I would love to install a second engine into the Tiburon but it has already been done, the fun part would be making a computer to shift one of the transmissions. It is also quite a large amount of work, the problem is that I don't really have the room. The alternative is to build a drift car which is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I would probably pick an RX8 for cheap and replace the engine with a crate block V8, I doubt I will have to turbo that. Of course if I go with the second option I will have to sell the Tiburon, that is only when I've had all the use out of it.

Billet Engine - I would love to build an engine from scratch and throw it in a car. I have the idea to go with dimensions for a very common engine such as that of a KA20 Honda engine, this means parts will be easier and cheaper to source. The valves and pistons are the parts I would buy on the cheap, the rest I would machine from billet. The idea is to make a three cylinder in the form of a V / W / or T. There would be a single crank journal making it a lot easier to machine. The cylinder and heads will all be machined the same except that they'll all be separate from each other. I don't want to go too much into the design but I'll be aiming for around 600bhp at 1.5L.



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