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I hope my website is an interesting read, or if you don't want to read it's picture heavy - 3024 so far + 25 video's.

Many projects are quite in depth and are normally set to teach myself something new. The genre being mechanical, electronic or electromechanical and can range from engines, engine management, air rifles, electronics, nuclear fusion, and many more. If you're looking for recent developments then click on the timeline link for my current project or a quick rundown of this sites content.




I live in Canada for now,

(Update - 23th July 2017) - I've been working on a lot of projects but I haven't uploaded anything in a while, life is really getting in the way at the moment. Quite a few of my projects are in the prototype stages / or have been for quite a while now, I seem to have forgotten that I originally started this website as a project log and quite a lot of my recent pages have not been, so I'm going back to the roots because I have a hell of a lot of images and data to upload. I started a car computer, electric supercharger, airsoft gun, chronograph, car fuel ecu, lots of 3D printing, linear accelerator and much more. A lot of this website will be under construction because I literally have around 15 pages to add and write up, most of them will still be incomplete.

(Update - 29th May 2017) - Time seems to be always getting the best of me, I have my final mathematics exam coming up in a week and thereafter I can concentrate on more projects. I have a few automotive ones to type up, like I've almost done the computer display system for my car ECU and I've converted my car from automatic to manual transmission. I only have a couple more microcontroller projects to finish before I will start my 50kV 500W power supply, I'm probably going to make two versions. Soon I will make a list of my top 10 projects and try to follow them in tht order.

(Update - 05th March 2017) - So over the past week I have managed to get a full time job over here in Canada, it's mostly what I used to do in the UK but a much better place to work for. I chose to buy a Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D printer which is basically the same as one of the market leading Zortrax M200's. I have started to add a text description to all my web images, well I have 2800 to go through. I have so many projects to get through, I cannot wait until my studying is done for the year.



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