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Hello, please read through my website or through my "about" page to get a little more idea of what this website is about or who I am. My name is Ed, actually a pseudonym, it was a lot easier to use this name when finding a suitable domain name. So I'm Ed, 24 years of age working as a machinist but currently saving for my education. I really enjoy the electrical, electronic and mechanical aspect of pretty much anything, having read through my projects you will realise this could range from simple electronics to nuclear fusion. I setup this website originally as a project log, I never intended for anyone to read it but it is becoming more and more popular and I now use it like a port folio.

Straight to the point, why would you want to donate or even sponsor me? The fact is that while I'm trying to put as much money into my projects as possible I cannot use as much as I'd like, of course all of these donations will go into these projects, unless you really want to help me out personally too. This is the real world however and money has to be spent elsewhere, bills to pay, my education pot and unfortunately my health. You may read through my projects and wonder why I have never achieved anything more than just a college diploma or a machining job. The truth is that I'm chronically ill, not dying but I do lead a very uncomfortable life. I won't go into specifics but holding a job is an achievement for me, I never take sick days and I've always been considered an excellent employee. I have hopefully found a cure of what is said to be incurable, unfortunately it is expensive for now, but I will pay anything even if it means putting my projects on hold.

I have recently found what is said to be a cure, many hundreds of others have proof of their cures. Since this I have started saving for an education fund, an avionics engineer which should be a pretty stable job and it's something I've always wanted to do. So why can't I do it now, well what I have affects me both physically and mentally. When your body does not absorb any nutrients or you cannot keep anything inside then you become malnourished, you can't function properly, it's especially more difficult when your body is so unpredictable that it's impossible to travel, I do not want to be hospitalised in a foreign country. The issue is that stress aggravates my condition, so a repetitive machining job using little intelligence is all I can reliably do. Tests, traveling, basically anything out of my ordinary routine will make me severely ill, it's not something I chose to have, it's something I must live with however, for now.


Donate or Sponsor

Progress on my website will slow down now I cannot devote as much money, so if you want to donate any amount it will be appreciated, I will assume it goes into the pot for these projects, please specify if there's a particular project you want me to invest more time in or whether you want to help me out with my personal education fund.

If you want to sponsor me monthly then that would be massively appreciated. A reoccurring donation would help me more in the long run as it is often unlikely that people make more than one donation, either way anything will go a long way.

For now the only way to donate / sponsor would be to use paypal via the following link, it will redirect you to paypal, you don't need an account you can just enter card details.