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Hello, please read through my website or through my "about" page to get a little more idea of what this website is about or who I am. My name is Ed, actually a pseudonym, it was a lot easier to use this name when finding a suitable domain name. So I'm Ed, 26 years of age working as a machinist but currently saving for my education. I really enjoy the electrical, electronic and mechanical aspect of pretty much anything, having read through my projects you will realise this could range from simple electronics to nuclear fusion. I setup this website originally as a project log, I never intended for anyone to read it but it is becoming more and more popular and I now I use it like a portfolio.

I'll get straight to the point. I spent all of my adult life ill up to the age of 25 bouncing between false diagnosis and failures in the system. All of that I have put in the past and now I'm playing catch-up with my life. I moved to Canada at the age of 23 to start a new life, a change of scenery is nice. I can't say it has been without it's problems, one of those my immigration and employer costing me $30k CAD. So now I'm seriously trying to catch up.

My biggest priority at the minute is to save for my education fund, to have enough money so that whatever life can throw at me I'll be able to finish my course to the highest standard, without having to work. I guess the only problem is that I have missed out on so much that I really want to enjoy a bit of life first. I decided to tackle my greatest fear, that is water and I cannot wait to free dive the mountain lakes when the summer arrives. I also have many many project to works on, slowly I'm narrowing that list for when I start school. One more plan is that I have a new idea of a product, I'd like to sell that idea to the oil and gas industry and hopefully that might pay my school fund.

As for the course I'd like to take it is currently aviation repair electronics. I would however love to learn software development programming and also power electronics design.

I have two major projects to complete before school. One being nuclear fusion and the other being my own stand alone engine control unit. The nuclear fusion project was something I tried a while ago, however moving to Canada meant I had to ditch the project, I was so close so I decided I needed to finish it. I also have a theory to prove which no one in the general public has ever achieved, that is the whole world. The engine control unit is simply because I love electronics and fast cars / motorcycles. Eventually I want to build my own CNC workshop to build billet racing engines, not for profit, just my own satisfaction and fun.



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Progress on my website is starting to speed up again, my health is good, so if you want to donate any amount it will be appreciated, I will assume it goes into the pot for these projects, please specify if there's a particular project you want me to invest more time in or whether you want to help me out with my personal education fund.

If you want to sponsor me monthly then that would be massively appreciated. A reoccurring donation would help me more in the long run as it is often unlikely that people make more than one donation, either way anything will go a long way.

For now the only way to donate / sponsor would be to use paypal via the following link, it will redirect you to paypal, you don't need an account you can just enter card details.