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Hello, please read through my website or through my "about" page to get a little more idea of what this website is about or who I am. My name is Joe, not Ed, long story. So I'm Joe, 30 years of age who has spent all his life wondering how everything works. I have a huge interest in anything mechanical or electronic as you'll see reading through this site. I started to get sick at the age of 16 and slowly got worse right up until 25, false diagnosis and failures in the system made me lose hope. It finally got solved and in the space of just one month I went from 103 to 150lbs.

I found that life is too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled, so I started my own business at the end of 2021 and for the most part have put this website on hold. If you're reading this then maybe you found me on social media and want to help progress my current project, or maybe you found a project on here interesting.

If you want to sponsor me monthly then that would be massively appreciated. A re-occurring donation would help me more in the long run as it is often unlikely that people make more than one donation, either way anything will go a long way.

For now the only way to donate / sponsor would be to use paypal via the following link, it will redirect you to paypal, you don't need an account you can just enter card details.

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Here is a link to my current project - Current Project