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Legallities / Disclaimer


Everything on this website was legally published at the time it was written. Any sources not written by myself have cited references.

There are many legal concerns with the production and sale of firearms, the reason no one without the correct documentation can produce or sell firearms legally. If you have any quieries or concerns then please contact your local firearms officer.

Most of the projects on this website do have a dangerous and potentially lethal nature. I present this website as for my own pleasure and to display some of the projects I have completed. If anyone is take information from this site then please ask for my permission first. Please do not use this website as a source for your own endevours, if you need to copy me then you don't know what your doing, it could cost you your life - especially high voltage power supplies. I will not be held responsible for any actions or inconveniences that may cause a threat to yourself or others from information taken from this site.

If you seek legal help with your own projects then ask someone qualified to do so. I can only give advice on projects of an innocent nature.

I do my best to answer questions related to my projects but will not be held responsible to any liabilities from my given advice.

Those who wish to contact me can find my email in the "Contact" navigation. Note that it is explained on that page that business ventures will be subject to an hourly rate of $60 Canadian Dollars, by contacting me you agree to these conditions. At my sole discretion I will allow up to 5 hours of free consulation.