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3D Printed Test Vase

This is just a brief project of a 3D printed vase from ABS. The reason for the project was that I recently got a 3D printer and wanted to ensure it could print reliably for several hours.

The first step was to find a design, I found a free 3D object from the web. Here is the file in Cura,


3D Printed Vase in ABS




















The file was a solid object and of course I wanted a vase, to make a vase all I had to do is set the infill to zero and adjust the wall thickness to say for example 2mm. It must be noted that I had to stop the print before it tried to print the top since I set it to print a shell. Below are the printer settings that I used.


3D Printed Vase in ABS
















Here is a quick video of 3D printing.





Here is the end result in the printer.


3D Printed Vase in ABS




















I chose to smooth the inside with acetone which resulted in me finally attempting to smooth the outside with acetone. The result isn't all that great but for what I need it's ok.


3D Printed Vase in ABS




















The final step would be to smooth it with sand paper and then paint it, but really I don't need to.

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