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3D Printed Hose Barbs and E60 MAF Adapter

Just recently (March 2018) I chose to convert my car to turbo, there were a few parts that I had to 3D print, some temporary and some permanent. The first part to design was an adapter to convert a 2" hose to 3", this will connect the pipe from my turbo intake to the air filter. I was having some issues with printing nylon at the time so I chose to go for polycarbonate, although it is not petrol proof it is quite acceptable in an engine bay.



























































The second part was an insert for some flexible tube, this again would be printed out of polycarbonate. This insert is to go on the inside of the MAF piping to stop it from collapsing when I pass a tube over the top of it.







































The third part to be printed was out of polyurethane, this was a hose coupling to go over the existing flexible MAF tubing (the reason for the insert) and attach to the new MAF sensor, an E60. The original MAF measured 70mm whereas this new one measures 80mm.





































The fourth part was an adapter for the the E60 MAF flange.























































































































I also printed a couple of 2" barbs to couple some elbows from the turbo inlet to the air filter.



















You can't really see all of the adapters but they all did their job.



















The original intake tubing had it's end cut off and this E60 MAF adapter glued in place.



















These were just simple parts but saved me a lot of time and money.

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