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This page contains all of the idea's I'd like to do in the future, they may be weeks, months to years away, but I have quite a lot of ideas to put on here, I guess in a way it's like a bucket list. It's worth looking at the timeline page which will tell you what pages I have finished, hopefully the list on this page will get smaller and not too much longer.


Miscellaneous / Everything Else

Nuclear Fusor Ver 2 - This time I know what is needed to build the fusor vessel, it certainly doesn't require all of the cutting and welding of the previous design. Right at the end of the project I was struggling with the voltage of my power supply and attaining a high enough vacuum for fusion. Introducing a heavy gas into the chamber such as Argon helped increase the pumping efficiency reducing pressure from 25 microns to sub 5 microns, the pump I used was a lab standard KF flange pump whereas the second version should be do-able with only a refrigeration vacuum pump, maybe. My previous power supply used a large bulky transformer along with a voltage doubling network, this proved too bulky and expensive. I will be building my own supply upgrading from 17kV at 1kW to 50kV at 500W, yes the power is lower however the internal grid can't take as much power at higher vacuums due to air conduction. I was struggling to find a way to measure the number of neutrons accurately but later found that manganese or Indium is very easy to activate via neutrons.

Lightening Strikes Thrice - Yes, that's right. I heard a story a while back that someone could make lightening strike multiple times in their garden, of course the neighbours weren't all that happy but I found it an interesting concept. When I finally find the land or find a suitable time and place I will in fact show that it is possible, well try.

Grappling Gun - I started this back in 2015 and I could have kicked myself for never finishing it. It was quite a busy time for me and before I knew it I had ran out of time, I would have been the first to replicate the films, scaling a building in seconds and not minutes. Unfortunately at the time of writing this it is in a box in the UK, I'm sure I could have it sent over here to Canada but I still do not have a workshop to finish it. All that is required is a divider where the rope winds around a spool, this divider stops the rope running on top of itself and jamming. There is of course the gun part to shoot the hook but that should be relatively easy.

Plasma Jet Engine - This sounds quite an unusual concept but it's not all that far off from a reality, I don't want to go into too much depth yet but it should be interesting. It probably won't be powering anything much like the patent for the nuclear powered jet engine by boeing.

Nuclear Laser Concept - Zero chance I would be allowed to build it but I will explain how it works. It's theory of operation is very simple but it literally would require uranium and that's why I would never be able to build the device, I could however demonstrate a low energy prototype using a legal radioactive isotope to prove an amplifying resonance is taking place.

Scrap Music - Ok so this does sound very early milenium but it should be a fairly cheap project to construct. Ok so CD drives, floppy drives, printers, scanners all contain stepper motors which are very similar to speakers, well these can be used like speakers to create music. I have seen it done with floppy drives, I just intend to scale it up.

Gold from Mercury - Yes it can be done, I will elaborate closer to the time.




50 Kv, 500W Switch Mode Power Supply - This project is solely intended for the nuclear fusor Mk2 as the previous supply was too bulky and did not provide a high enough voltage. I haven't quite decided on a final design yet as I don't know whether to go with a transformer and voltage doubler or go with a much lower voltage transformer and go with a cascade multiplier since I have the high frequency to play with. I also need to do some calculations on the nuclear fusor part as I probably won't need any more than 100W and that also means a safer supply.

IGBT Desaturation 2 - I think the first tutorial on IGBT desaturation was enough however I had quite a large amount of inductance on the power supply. So I will repeat a few of the steps but with some capacitors close to the IGBT's and I will also show how the inductance is removed from the incoming supply.

SMPS - Yes another switch mode power supply, In fact several different designs.

Power Factor Correction - This is a must for modern supplies to keep power drawn to a minimum, this will be a switching type.

Induction Heater - The bane of my electronics experience. I once started a project log when I were about 16 on an induction heater which spanned around 40 pages, my hard-drive failed and I lost it all. About a year after that I started another project, a 150W unit which was completely successful. I later started a 5kW unit but lost interest as I lost all of my files again, it was the reason I started writing this website. There is an induction heater on here that was intended to run around 2kW but I made a mistake on the control circuit which blew half the project, I will not be updating that page again. Also need to do a little metalwork for the high current tank circuit, plus I need to decide an application for the heater.

Smart Rifle Scope - I've had this idea for so long but I never had the electronic experience, now I'm most of the way there electronically but I don't have a workshop to build the scope. So basically it will be similar to a real rifle scope except it has a range finder along with a wireless wind direction module to measure wind speed and of course direction. Built into the reticule of the scope is a display that shows a dot where the calculated projectile will hit, this means that once set up anyone can shoot without a spotter and have a greater accuracy of hitting the intended target. Hopefully some defence contractor won't steal this idea, but I don't mind putting the idea out there.

Ballistic Computer - A cheap portable ballistic computer which does the above but requires more shooting skill, these things do exist already.

Gun Chronograph - I already had a chronograph so never needed to make one and neither did I have the programming knowledge, but now I have the knowledge I don't have a gun. I intend on using this device for a few of my gun concepts, that's if I can get the legal permission to build them, if not then it might just have to be for a regular rifle instead, I'm still a long time off from purchasing one.

18 Series Microcontroller Tutorials - It's about time I upgraded from the 16 series to the 18 series. They are still 8-bit but work a lot faster and have some great features including a load more instructions. I feel that anything higher such as a 16 or 32 bit microcontroller will hold no benefit to any of my projects, for now.

Logic Series - This is going to be quite a large page on the way microcontrollers and possibly computers are made. Everything in a microcontroller can be made up from a series of NAND gates, literally everything. This will be a page to itself starting with a project to build a simple NAND gate from some transistors, then use that board to make a data latch, then a shift register, then some ports, some memory, a ALU and then finally a microcontroller. I'm not sure how many transistors I will need but it sure will be a lot. I will also have various other projects solely based on transistors logic / TTL. Due to the huge scale of this project it is likely that I won't be starting it for a while, I'm guessing around 2018 ish.

Tesla Coil - For a while I've always wanted to make a tesla coil, I have succeeded in making a small one before with little one inch arcs. This will be quite a large project as I intend to make a 20 feet coil, around 25kW of power. The difficulty with the project will be the capacitor bank and the cost of a portable generator at that size. The cost of the coil shouldn't be too expensive as it's just a single layer. The major issue is the space for the project as I don't have a garage yet, I need a portable generator since the thing will make 40ft arcs so I would have to take it somewhere rural. I don't have a van either. This project is almost at the bottom of the list.

8-Bit Computer - Everything started with the 8-bit computer first using valves, transistors and then integrated circuits. I want to build a basic 8-bit microcontroller from just transistors. The first project making NAND gates from transistors, then registers from NAND gates and so on. I guess it will be quite a large project and I'll need to buy thousands of transistors to do so.




Perpetual Motion - This is of course impossible along with the belief of free energy, when I eventually get a 3D printer all of this will make more sense.

Free Piston Engine Concept - This was supposed to be one of those revolutionary engines that was going to replace the otto cycle engine but it never materialised to anything, at the time of writing this I only know of one working concept. The idea is that the engine has no crank shaft and that the piston either hydraulically powers a generator or is magnetic and powers a generator. The massive issue with this engine is that if a cylinder does not fire then the engine stops, imagine how difficult it would be to start the thing. Another issue is inertia as the piston needs enough to compress the fuel but that means a heavy piston which reduces efficiency. The only benefit of the engine is it's size, lack of parts and it's ability to run homogenous compression which increases efficiency. It will be a while before I can start this project, it will be a difficult task and likely only ever be a prototype engine.

Homogenous Compression Engine - This engine will work similar to a diesel, as we know compression increases temperature leading to ignition, the higher the compression generally the greater the efficiency of the engine. This engine will be quite difficult to achieve as the otto cycle engine design cannot be used as we are creating a "knock" condition which would slow the piston as it has not reached the top of it's stroke. I don't have a design drawn up but I do have an idea how to achieve this. The benefit of an engine such as this is it will run at a greater efficiency and because compression ignites the fuel it means that it will run on just about anything.

Model Nitro Injected V4 - This is all not that new but I just want to make something loud. I haven't seen many hobbyists use an injection system either, I personally prefer injection for tuning as carburettors require a lot of fine tuning.

Rotary Valve Engine Concept - Again this is all no that new as there have been many patents in the past. It will never replace the poppet valve engine but it will be a fun build nevertheless. A long time ago I did build an engine of this type but lacked some of the necessary tools to finish it, the incomplete engine did however sell and I got my money back.

Rotary Vane Engine Concept - Similar operation to a jet engine except it will have a constant compression allowing it to have a useable torque range through it's rpm much like a wankel engine. A jet engine almost runs at a constant speed which makes it not feasible for use in the automotive industry, unless that vehicle rarely slows, stops and it's load never changes, like an aeroplane. The engine will have a perfect balance, the only issue may be the vane material which could have wear issues.

Twin Twin Wankel Engine - As you will see this has never been done, if possible. It's the idea that two wankel engines run parallel to each other, I don't think this has ever been tried but it's on the cards someday. There is absolutely no way an engine such as this would ever make it to production but people like to see new designs.

Polygonal Poppet Valve Concept Engine - This sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. The poppet valves in a normal engine are round because they are easier to manufacture and it doesn't matter if then spin, they will always seal. This idea is that there are still for example two valves for the intake except they are joined and semicircular in shape, the two valve guides stop rotation. A larger valve will help with engine breathing and therefore efficiency, this is just a concept but should be possible. Oblong cylinders have been done in the past with a very high success.

Swash Plate Engine - Nothing new, just another engine to build.

Unequal Stroke Engine - This is a similar concept to the Atkinson cycle engine. We want to extract as much energy from the power stroke as possible and quickly move the other strokes as they provide no power. This engine is just solely to create a higher efficiency engine.

Wind Turbine - I saw this project when I was about 14 back in 2007 and really wanted to build one but the expense was too great at the time and nor did my home have the space for one. A common design was to use a wheel hub and brake disc since it contained a strong bearing, the magnets were placed around the disc and the stator to the hub, the turbine blades instead of the wheel. I would start the build from scratch since the design is pretty simple, again I would use permanent magnets since the generator would produce electricity at any speed unlike an alternator that requires very fast rpm's. I just need to wait until I have a workshop and the property, also turbines can be noisy so it couldn't be a residential area.

Pulse Jet Engine - Very simple design to construct, I just want to make something noisy. I did manage to make a working engine when a was about 15 which ran on camping stove gas, it would only run for seconds before it needed starting again.

Mechanical Computer - Mostly mechanical and maybe some solenoids I intend to make a functioning computer with memory, an ALU and some outputs ports. It will likely be on the scale of an 8-bit low range microcontroller but never the less it will be a very complicated project, I'm not sure if it's ever been done.




Digital RPM Gauge - I have pretty much completed this project, I really should get it written up and take some pictures.

AFR Meter - Again I have almost completed the project, I just need to install it on my car to show it works.

Wideband Controller - Long way off from creating an accurate controller, I don't have the resources to start this project yet.

Fuel Control ECU - A simple fuel controller for normally aspirated engines which allows the user to accurately tune their car. An extra feature is that it will trick the original ECU to stop any fault codes from appearing.

Fuel + Ignition ECU - This will work as a complete ECU however it will also trick the existing one to ensure everything is running correctly. This setup is intended for the use of a turbo but will work all the same on a naturally aspirated engine. The reason for running piggyback like this is to allow everything else in the car to work including the automatic gearbox. This ECU can replace the whole system if necessary but will only be good for a manual and be unable to control any other ancillaries found in a modern car.

Car Turbo Project - I originally had the tools to do so but not the programming knowledge, but now I have the knowledge but not the tools or the money. This is a path I would like to concentrate on in about 3 years time, I will explain more nearer the time, it is actually explained further down this page.

Electric Motor Concept - It's a little difficult to explain this one without giving the whole idea away. The difference between an electric motor and an engine is their power sources and power outputs. Fuel contains a lot of energy and it can easily be filled up whereas a battery holds less energy and requires slower charging. A combustion engine gas low torque until it hits high rpm's in which it falls off, that's why cars accelerate faster the higher they rev due to the torque curve. An electric motor has a constant torque curve but a substantially higher amount of torque too. I believe electric is the future but I still wouldn't give up a gas engine.

Motorcycle Turbo Project - Again no tools and unfortunately my UK motorcycle license means nothing in Canada, so I may take the test again. I'm probably going to have a little fun on this one, probably something like a nitro injected turbo 125, of course I will need a workshop to machine new stronger engine parts. I would also like to turbo a hayabusa, I known it's been done to death but 400bhp to one wheel does sound fun. I did an injection conversion to a Honda Hornet with the intention of turbo-ing the bike, however I picked a difficult engine due to the oil cooler at the front and the awkward exhaust manifold.




Of course this is a difficult set of tasks since I don't have permission to make any of them, so getting permission is the goal.

Electrothermal Light Gas Gun - The idea of an electrothermal gun has been presented in quite a lot of research documents, it's the idea that using electricity and creating a plasma can be used to accurately ignite a fuel and therefore a variable projectile velocity can be achieved. I do know that this idea is possible but it's not been done because there is no significant benefit over conventional arms. If it were to power a light gas gun then it could possibly attain some of the highest projectile velocities recorded.

Induction Rifle - This is an idea that I've had for a long time, it's a hand-held electromagnetic rifle capable of velocities in the order of 2 to 3km / s which would result in an amazing long distance accuracy compared to a 338 Lapua or a 50 BMG. It's the power supply that is very important in this weapon and is a part that I can build and test, however the rest I cannot legally. I don't want to share any more than this because it has never been done before on such a small scale, there is serious money if my concept does work.

Concept Gun Light Gas - All of the light gas guns I have found are based in a laboratory, I do want to make a small portable one that uses a self contained cartridge system.

Vash Stampede Revolver - I will attain permission from the owners first, copyright issues. An iconic anime series in the lat 90's called Trigun used a revolver stamped as a .45 Long Colt, however it was not. The gun is quite iconic as it doesn't follow the design rules of a revolver, as far as I know there are no working examples but only "fan art" replicas. With the modern advances of CNC machining it would be quite a simple build, I do however think that I would have to machine it manually.

Knives - I have no interest in knives as a display piece and I would never buy one. I do really enjoy making them though, I don't mean the poorly made throwing knife I made on a previous page. The problem is that I didn't have the time to invest in grinding machines for something that was just a hobby, for the few examples I have made I don't know what happened to the pictures and of course I couldn't bring them with me. I want to revisit this as I want to forge something this time.

Ice Rifle - I watched a TV program a long time ago where there was a conspiracy that Kennedy was hit by an ice bullet but the myth was debunked by another show, of course this never happened but I do think an ice bullet is possible. The problem in the show is they used conventional bullets and regular ice which resulted in them being obliterated. I believe I could design a rifle to shoot a lethal ice projectile at say 200 yards, of course not as powerful as a conventional round. I feel that if I have to get permission for each gun I make this one could be a little difficult to explain why, a gun leaving no evidence fits the conspiracy but has no use in civilian or military life.

Volumetric Valve Air Rifle - Those I started years ago, why did I never just finish one properly. The concept did work and it proved to surpass the market leaders in efficiency and velocity consistency so I really really should get a completed one out there. I found my problem was my machinery, my miller was too small and the one I could use at work was good as scrap.




Youtube Project - It seems that at the time of writing this that all sorts of stupid videos can make it on there, what's more obscene is the amount of money they make in advertisement. I don't ever expect to make a living out of it but it seems people can do so by destroying every day objects with simple tools or comment on a game that they bought from a store, why did I never think of these. When I finally get some money together I intend on two youtube projects, one of those is perpetual motion and the other will be to make a scrap vehicle as fast as possible.

I can't explain the perpetual motion one as it will likely always be a secret but the turbo projects is pretty simple. So a lot of people like to turbo vehicles to pretty high standards either themselves or letting a specialist do it, well I want to prove how cheaply it can be done and have some fun in the process. The aim of my video is to find a drivable car for around $400 and prove that with junk yard parts I can double the power, this includes the cost of the welder and all the tools, so no specialist expensive tools. People love to see things tested to destruction but they also like to see the construction and theory aspect too. I'm sure that it wouldn't be too long before sponsors would be able to pay the $1000 dollar a month bill, of course I wouldn't need to buy the tools again so probably around $700 a month. If I make no money, well I just want to have a little fun, so no loss.

Another note is that the reason I'm building my own ECU's is that in parts I can do it for around $50 whereas to buy one may cost upwards of $1000. I'm sure people may not like this aspect but I will be keeping it all handmade. I will do other videos on motorcycles too and other projects with a bit more money and machinery used in them.

Piano Project - This is just a personal goal of achieving a top grade piano piece in under 3 years from starting as a beginner adult. I don't know if it's possible but I will sure work hard to get there and to prove it can be fit into a busy life.

Workshop - My main goal is to have a complete workshop again, ideally I want to get a CNC lathe with live tooling and possibly retro-fit a mill to CNC. This probably won't be started for another 5 years yet.



Projects I May Visit

These are all of those projects I either started without a camera, I either lost interest in or simply never had the funds. I'm not certain whether I will visit these projects or not, it's simply the fact I started and never finished them that bugs me.

Guitar Hero Robot - Back in 2008 when I was 16 there was a very popular game called Guitar Hero where the player had to strum five notes at the correct timing they appeared on the TV screen. The notes scrolled down the screen like little hockey pucks and the note strummed when it hit a certain point at the bottom of the screen. I thought it would be a very simple project at the time only requiring a photo-diode for each not as a sensor, in a matter of days I had the system recognising the notes. I unfortunately had no money to buy and modify a game console controller so I couldn't get any further with the project, at the same time a team of University students did the exact same project to a perfect success. I still haven't decided whether to start the project again since it is a little late but it will be a good demonstration project for microcontroller programming.

20L / minute HHO Generator - Back in 2009 there was a big fashion of people building a HHO unit to improve a cars fuel economy. The unit was basically a jar containing a pair of stainless electrodes filled with a electrolytic solution, normally dilute potassium hydroxide. When electricity is passed through the electrodes they produce hydrogen at the negative terminal and oxygen at the positive, this explosive gas is then passed into the inlet manifold of the engine. It was advertised to gain fuel economy which I highly doubt is possible, I mean the solution could end up doing damage to the cars internals.

Anyway back when I was 14 I used to use this process to fill bottles with the gas and using a launch system to fire them hundreds of feet into the air. It was also very fun exploding balloons and bottles, the only down side is my setup produced 1L / hour of gas. When I turned 16 I contacted a local stainless stockist only to have them donate me a 8ft x 4ft sheet of 0.6mm 316L stainless for free. I eventually made the largest homemade unit on the internet producing over 20L per minute of this mixture, it plugged into the mains system and used about 2.5kW of power. I sold the unit and made my money back on gaskets, acrylic and the bolts. I would like to make another unit like this again to separate the two gases and use them to make a hydrogen rocket.

Metallic Sodium - This was a project I visited quite a lot of times and I wasn't quite brave enough to build a complete setup. There are many ways of producing metallic sodium but the method I chose was the electrolysis of salt which requires 800 deg C. The main problem was not the extremely reactive sodium but rather the unbelievably reactive chlorine gas, remember it is also super heated. My largest problem was dealing with the chorine gas as to produce a sizeable amount of sodium would produce litres of gas. One idea was to compress it into a glass vial to look pretty, but liquid chlorine is around 10 bar. The second option was to bubble it through water, yeah a great idea. Since chlorine gas is heavier than air it couldn't be vented to the atmosphere either, not that I would if it was lighter either. I did a very small scale experiment and was able to achieve a trace amount of metal however I managed to breath the gas in, such a stupid experiment, chlorine gas hitting water turns to hydrochloric acid, that is not nice on any parts of the body. I will visit the project again someday however the chlorine gas will be dealt with via a reaction with another element to produce a relatively safe compound.

Steam Engine - I started a little steam engine from a set of castings, I took lots of pictures of all the processes but since my workshop was as cold as the outside through the winter I found very little time to get the engine complete. It was around the time I was getting ready to leave for Canada so I sold it incomplete, strangely getting more money than I bought it for. I have around a hundred pictures so I'm not entirely sure what to do with them, this may be a project I would like to revisit in the future just because I never finished one the first time.




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