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Arbor for Slitting Saw

I were given some slitting saw wheels and I just happened to need one for a project, so instead of cluttering that project by making tools I instead started this page. The wheels I were given had a bore of 25.4mm, an outside of 63.5mm and a thickness of 0.4mm. An arbor can be bought quite cheaply to accept a variety of wheel sizes but I chose to save time and money by making my own.


January 11/01/2016

I had some 50mm bar that was turned down to a suitable diameter, 36mm at a length long enough to make two large spacers.


Slitting Saw WheelsSaw Arbor - 50mm EN1A steelSaw Arbor - EN1A steel turned to 36mm











The bore was drilled out to 6mm to suit an M6 bolt and then one section was parted off to make a 6mm long spacer. The second spacer had a step turned on it to centre the slitting saw disc, I had to take the tool nose radius into consideration and turn the step far smaller than the bore of the disc, it was a bit of trial and error getting the disc to centre without it protruding due to the radius. I got it right and then parted the spacer to a height of 16mm.


Saw Arbor - EN1A drilled to 6mmSaw Arbor - a 6mm spacer partedSaw Arbor - Step cut for disc and parted off










This spacer was placed back into the lathe to have a recess bored into it, a shaft was turned and threaded to suit this recess.


Saw Arbor - Cap ready for boringSaw Arbor - Cap boredSaw Arbor - shank turned to suit cap










The whole lot was assembled and tested to make sure it ran true, it did. It would have cost around £15 to buy one and cost me about £1 in materials to make one, a considerable saving.


Saw Arbor - Shank drilled and tapped to M6Saw Arbor - All assembledSaw Arbor - Finished result in miller










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