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Hyundai Tiburon - Turbo Conversion - Intake Side

I'm in the process of converting my 1998 Hyundai Tiburon to turbo. I have already installed the turbo, got the exhaust hooked up, the oil lines and the coolant. It is now time to hook up the intake side of the turbo, it will also coincide with the fueling project since I need to install an intake spacer.

Using the stock wastegate means that the compressor outlet points to the ground which is rather awkward, I thought I would first try to make it work by using some flexible pipe, it didn't. I chose to remove the wastegate which I will relocate at a later time and twisted the compressor to point upwards. I could then attach the flexible pipe from the compressor outlet to the intercooler. In another project I machined an adapter for the compressor inlet so that I could push 2" hose onto it.














I had some spare 90 deg elbows from the turbo I pulled so I 3D printed some adapters to join them together, I will eventually make these in metal. I used the elbows to connect the compressor inlet to my air filter.














I will have to spin the hose around to hide the writing, I am all in the prototype stage so it doesn't matter yet. The compressor outlet hose also touches the radiator hose which could be a problem long term, I will have to make a bracket to secure this hose in place. Another issue is that the hose may try to straighten itself when under pressure, a bracket will definitely be needed then.














I 3D printed an adapter for my E60 MAF out of polycarbonate, not ideal for petrol but it will be covered by epoxy so should not matter. The E60 MAF is used on a lot of the larger Nissan cars, it's very common and reliable. The E60 is supposed to be good to around 300 to 350bhp so should be perfect for my setup. I removed my original intake tube and prepared some carbon fibre cloth.














I mixed some epoxy resin and the proceeded to cover the tube and adapter. Doing it this way is rather messy, the finish is not all that great either which is why most people will finish off with a carbon fibre sleeve, something I will do later.














I used a plastic film to wrap the tube tightly, once it had set I cleaned it up with a sander.














The tube now has a black background and is very strong, I will later cover it in carbon fibre sock and then polish it to bring out the best finish. I now need to install the intake spacer before I can continue further, since this is my daily driver I will revert back to the stock MAF.














In a side project I made a spacer plate for the intake manifold, this would allow two injectors per cylinder.














The stock MAF was replaced with the E60.














Take a look at the next project which will be tuning the fuel system.

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