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Hyundai Tiburon - Turbo Conversion - Fueling

I am currently in the process of converting my 1998 Hyundai Tiburon to turbo. So far I have completed all parts of the turbo and intake. I will be building a fuel controller to piggyback with the stock ECU which utilises an extra set of injectors. This project is to build the fuel system and install a stronger fuel pump.

The first step was to make some kind of adapter for the fuel rail, a way I can connect a fuel hose to it. I measured the flange on the fuel rail and mocked up a design. This design will let a fuel hose push inside of it, the outside is crimped to hold the tube in place. The reason for doing it this way is that a single aluminium barb may be fragile, the fuel system is the most dangerous part on a car.



















I started out with some aluminium bar, faced and turned the outside.














I used a parting tool to groove the back and then wrote a program to cut out the flange, the milling was done using the lathes C-axis.














I tried a few different tools to cut the groove in the front of the part, it was ambitious to say the least. It was also a Saturday so I could not pick up any tool steel to make a tool, I quickly abandoned the idea.














The second design was to use a separate piece to hold the hose in place, this design also allows the hose to be removed if necessary.
















The first part was to machine the barb.



















Luckily I could continue with the current part in the lathe, I had already made a mistake with the milling so it was a scrap part. The second part came out great, I used the parting tool to rough and then chose to second op the part since I got a taper.














The second op turned the flange square and to the correct height.














The next part to machine was the shroud.





















I could use most of the milling program from the last part, the inside was bored out. The bore was smooth with a gradual taper, this would allow for easy insertion while tightly gripping the hose. Larger radii turned on all corners to minimise any possible damage to the hose.














These had to be faced on the parting side to get the flange height right and square the face.














While at this side I could turn a step in the back, this would be used to locate it to the barbed piece.














The stock fuel pump on this particular car is pretty rubbish to say the least, I've been led to believe that even on a stock tune it will loose pressure at full load. I chose to go with an aftermarket AEM pump, the first step was to remove the original from the fuel tank, an easy job on this car.














The whole install was very easy, I also installed heavier gauge wire to the pump along with a relay. The standard wire may have been ok but it was not recommended by the pump manufacturer, of course I don't want voltage drop to cause my fuel pressure to drop.














The secondary fuel rail spacer was bolted in place.














Lot's of hose, two are fuel supply, two are tank return lines, two for turbo coolant and the other for turbo oil. This hose is super expensive high performance stuff, I never cut corners for fuel and lubrication systems.














The return rail for the secondary injectors had to be passed over the top. It may seem strange that I have kept two regulators, simply I have gone with such a powerful fuel pump that they will both be working, a lower flow pump may result in only one regulator passing fuel. The reason why fuel must have a continuous flow through a fuel rail is to ensure air is rapidly expelled out of the system.














The fuel system is complete for now, I do intend on making two manifolds for the fuel supply and return, for now I will keep with the hose barbs.


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