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Air Filter Mount and Temp Sensor Housing

Part of clearing the inside of an engine bay is to remove the existing air box, for now a cone filter, the filter needs some means of being supported, the purpose of this project. At the end of this project I will end with a "hot-intake" meaning that the air filter is surrounded by hot air from the engine, this is of course not ideal but it's only temporary. The reason I'm doing this project is because I'm doing a transmission conversion and while this car is my daily driver I need to make some room.

Project started 30 April 2017.


The first step was to remove the battery and air box, the right picture shows the aftermath of migrating the battery to back of the car (another project in itself).


3D Printed Air Filter Mount3D Printed Air Filter Mount













The next step was to make some kind of adapter for between the MAF sensor and the cone filter, I came up with the simple design below. The hole in the top is for the intake temperature sensor.


3D Printed Air Filter Mount















The next part to make was a mount from this adapter to a bracket in the engine bay, here is the design.


3D Printed Air Filter Mount














Here are both of the designs assembled.


3D Printed Air Filter Mount














I chose to 3D print both of the items in ABS, just the adapter shown below.


3D Printed Air Filter Mount 3D Printed Air Filter Mount













Here is the finished result in the car.


3D Printed Air Filter Mount3D Printed Air Filter Mount













This was just a temporary solution, I was either going to make a cold air intake or put the old air box back on, realising the clutch line was in the way after my transmission conversion I chose to keep this setup. The car is destined for a turbo project so this quick fix will be suitable for a couple of months.


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