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This project is about using an electric motor to power a supercharger, the design I have gone with is an axial fan blade turbocharger. On the previous page I built up the supercharger and 3D printed some fan blades. The stage I'm at now is finding the right design of blade that will provide at least 8 psi of boost, ideally 10 psi. I certainly intend to finish the project or pursue it to the best of my ability, it is not a question of whether it will work because in theory it would, my issue is the 3D printed quality of my blades. As a side line project I will also be modifying an existing turbo, first just an electric one and later a hybrid.


29 July 2017 - I came up with another design of blade, hopefully it should work. The area ratio of this design is 3.7 : 1 , if this design does not produce pressure then I may have to resort to a complete re-design of the blade housing.


electric supercharger version 1
















I had quite a lot of issue with the 3D printing process, I used a material called PETG which has a lower melting temperature than the ABS. I chose PETG due to it's better layer adhesion but as you can see the result is not perfect.


electric supercharger version 1












So did it work? Well no, it decided to shatter, the blades must have opened out and caught against the blade housing.


electric supercharger version 1electric supercharger version 1













30 July 2017 - I started the day with printing a new bearing housing in PETG, I had to orientate the blades to point in the opposite direction and I also reduced the area.


electric supercharger version 1electric supercharger version 1













I printed a new impeller in ABS and I also made the blades thicker.


electric supercharger version 1




















So did it work? No. It produced plenty of airflow and a small amount of pressure but nowhere near as much as I would like. I believe it would increase the power of an engine and it would be noticeable but for the amount of money I think it would be unreasonable.


electric supercharger version 1




















Can I succeed with this project?, unless I can increase the speed of my motor to probably around 100,000rpm I guess not. So where does this project go from now, well this one has ended but I certainly have not given up on the idea of an electric supercharger. Check out my projects for further updates on the electric supercharger idea.


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