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Tested Until Destruction

The idea is to test things until they are destroyed to gain valuable scientific data. I will be seeing what gear material, profile and lubricating medium will be the best to achieve the maximum speed and how long it can endure that. I will be starting off with 3D printed gears and then move on to more exotic materials which will have to be machined. I will acquire scientific data and plot the results on the intended page along with a video of every single test.

One of my products is a hydraulic press which can be upgraded for material analysis testing. That means I will be pulling apart and crushing structures and attributing scientific data to them, that is the elongation, tensile and ultimate tensile strength. The parts being tested will range anywhere from 3D printed structures, ropes, cables, bolts and basically anything that may require some kind of structural performance.

Lastly I will be building a dynameter to test the power of a totally stock generator engine. I will then be modifying every single part of the engine to increase it's performance and scientifically justify those improvements. I intend to have the engine operating in the 500BHP / L realm of performance, quite considerable when a modern car engine is around 100BHP / L and even more surprising when the stock generator is just 38BHP / L.

Overall the purpose of this testing is to show what things are actually capable of, but more importantly how they can be improved and integrated into your own design. I also have some very special projects in mind after all of this testing, so be sure to stick around.


How Fast can a Gear Spin?

Pulling Things Apart - Material Analysis

Crushing Things - Material Analysis

Modifying an Engine to Perform

Gear for Maximum Torque?


Note: I'm currently in the middle of moving house, and I have to relocate my workshop, so as I write this I'm not able to do much on these pages for the next week or two, some will be incomplete but be sure to keep checking, I'm getting there!